A typical Emilian liqueur with a characteristic fruity flavour, obtained by soaking berries from the wild blackthorn (prunus spinosa). The blue-coloured fruit from this dark-leaved shrub, typical of the Emilian Apennines, is picked at the end of the summer when fully ripe and placed in an infusion with alcohol.




blackthorn berries, alcohol, sugar


Main steps in the preparation of Bargnolino:

infusion of berries in alcohol, pressing and aging of the infusion.



Colour: clear, brilliant ruby red

Nose: fruity, with scents of plums and almonds

Flavour: aromatic, pleasing and persistent

Alcohol content: 40% in volume

Packaging: 200 ml, 700 ml bottles


Gastronomical pairings

How to taste it:

Perfect served chilled or on the rocks, it lends itself well to cocktails or as a garnish poured in small drops over delicious ice cream desserts.