Products: liqueurs, sistilled spirits, vinegars



liquore caffe mallo modena

The coffee plant
is tropical,
but the mixture
is strictly Italian.

Coffee blends
with alcohol into
an ideal liqueur
to be enjoyed neat,
on the rocks or as
an ingredient of
cocktails with an
aromatic fragrance
of Italian coffee.


limoncello mallo modena

The yellow colour
and freshness call
to mind the Mediterranean.

The zests of the finest
lemons from southern
Italy are combined
with sugar and alcohol
in a liqueur to be
enjoyed ice cold at
the end of a meal
or in the warmth
of sundown.


liquore liquirizia mallo modena

A black spirit
and wild flavour,
like the purest
liquorice of
southern Italy.

Served neat, on
the rocks or in
cocktails, it will
reawaken your free spirit.


sambuca mallo modena

Its name evokes
Italy and anise
Sambuca is known
everywhere for its
aroma. Strong and
full-bodied if drunk
neat, it becomes
refreshing when
water and ice
are added.
To be tried out
in long drinks.


sassolino mallo modena

The close link
with the Modenese
food and wine
tradition is
reflected in the origin
of its name
: the
town of Sassuolo. The
strong scent of
anise makes it a
perfect ingredient
for pastry making,
but its utmost
expression is
as an after-dinner drink.

Distilled spirits

Uve bianche

distillati uve bianche mallo modena

Smooth and fruity, as fresh as
a freshly picked bunch of grapes:
Uve Bianche is distilled solely
from the finest Regina white grapes.

Grappa riserva

grappa riserva mallo modena

Scents of wood and vanilla,
an amber colour and harmony of flavour:
characteristics of a perfectly
balanced distilled spirit.

Grappa di lambrusco

grappa di lambrusco mallo modena

Its decided character and earthy bouquet
fill the palate with harmony



aceto balsamico bio mallo modena

It starts off from respect
for the environment, with
totally sustainable
agriculture, followed by
slow aging in oak barrels.
In Il Mallo Organic
Balsamic Vinegar of
Modena PGI, the difference
lies not only in the flavour.


aceto balsamico dop mallo modena

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar
of Modena DOP (PDO in English)
needs no introduction: the
intense and eclectic sweet
and sour black gold enhances
dishes all over the
world with its
unique flavour.


aceto balsamico igp mallo modena

Delicate and full-bodied, IGP
vinegar (PGI in English) is
aged for years in oak
barrels before reaching
kitchens around the world.
A sweet and sour touch
that imparts flavour
to your everyday life.


crema di aceto balsamico mallo modena

Decorations that whet the
appetite, drops that add
appeal, irresistible velvety
sweet and sour touches:
a cream sauce with
Balsamic Vinegar of
Modena PGI to
enhance every recipe.