Nocino Bio


Nocino obtained exclusively from the hulls of organic walnuts grown in Italy and purchased directly from selected producers who are certified by the main control bodies recognized today. The complete naturalness lies in the methods of cultivation and production techniques, which wholly respect the environment.




organic walnut hulls, organic alcohol, raw organic cane sugar, organic spices.

Main steps in the preparation of Nocino:

infusion of hulls in alcohol, pressing and aging of the infusion.


Colour: intense golden amber

Nose: marked walnut aroma

Flavour: pleasing, persistent and balanced walnut taste

Alcohol content: 40% in volume

Packaging: 500 ml bottle


Gastronomical pairings

How to taste it:

Pour the Nocino into a liqueur glass and without agitating it bring it up to your nose to smell the intense walnut aroma. Place a small amount of liqueur inside your mouth and hold it so as to savour its rich and full-bodied walnut flavour and enjoy its persistence. Sip slowly.


its strong personality makes it perfect for drinking at room temperature, preferably at the end of a meal, as it has excellent digestive properties, but it is also excellent when drunk chilled or on the rocks or poured over plain ice cream.


it is perfect for preparing cocktails, where its character is accented by other aromas.

In cooking:

It is possible to obtain very flavourful recipes: the skilful mastery of chefs can make the most of Nocino in truly unique dishes, sweet and savoury, hot and cold.