Riserva Speciale


RS is a vintage Riserva Nocino obtained from an infusion prepared in a single year. Every label is numbered and rigorous control of this limited production is directly guaranteed by Giovanna Freno, who signs each bottle after controlling production.
Contained in an elegant decanter bottle enclosed in a hot screen-printed wooden box, RS is a product that should never be missing from the collection of lovers of Nocino di Modena.


walnut hulls, alcohol, sugar, spices

Main steps in the preparation of Nocino:
infusion of hulls in alcohol, pressing and aging of the infusion.

Colour: intense golden amber
Nose: marked walnut aroma
Flavour: Mature, persistent and balanced walnut taste
Alcohol content: 42% in volume

Packaging: 700 ml bottle

Gastronomical pairings
How to taste it:
Pour the Nocino into a liqueur glass and bring it up to your nose to smell the intense walnut aroma. Place a small amount of liqueur inside your mouth and hold it so as to savour its rich and full-bodied walnut flavour and enjoy its persistence. Sip slowly.

Neat: its strong personality makes it perfect for drinking at room temperature, preferably at the end of a meal. A product to meditate over: perfect when paired with a good Tuscan cigar.